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Information on this web page appeared in St. Louis Bride and Groom Magazine summer/fall 2003 issue. Although historically old, excerpts of  this article continue to be often quoted in the  mobile entertainment industry without sources or dates given. So rather than quote it, it is our pleasure to post it here in its entirety for your information and enjoyment. We thank  Saint Louis Bride and Groom magazine for personally granting us permission to use this article.


 Tips in Selecting a DJ Company


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Choosing a professional, experienced disc jockey can have a greater affect on the success of your reception than any other choice you make.

 After months of planning and budgeting, you want your reception to go exactly as you dreamed. You want all of your guests to have a great time and not leave early. The right DJ can make all of your dreams become a reality. A professional DJ does so much more than just play music ... he or she sets the entire tone of your reception. A professional DJ will usually serve as master of ceremonies for the reception, music programmer, and reception coordinator.

  Although choosing a DJ for your reception is often less expen­sive than live music, according to the American Disc Jockey Association, the national average for a professional DJ is $750 - ­$2500 with the average being $1200. Fortunately for local brides, the Midwest average for a DJ is closer to $650. In St. Louis, you should expect to pay between $550 and $750 for a four hour, Saturday night reception.

 If a local DJ is quite a bit less expensive than the average, you may want to investigate to find out why. When interviewing DJ companies you will want to cover the following:

 Make certain the DJ service you choose uses commercial sound equipment, not a home stereo. Also, your DJ should offer a wire­less microphone for use during the toasts and a lighting system to enhance the atmosphere of the dance floor.

 Your DJ should know how to mix the songs to build momentum on the dance floor. Also, be certain that the DJ has a large selection of music for your particular music taste. After all, one of the biggest advantages a DJ has over live music is the ability to playa greater variety of music.

An experienced DJ can provide helpful planning tips for you regarding the order of events at your reception, the optimal room layout, and valuable advice about music selection. You should work closely with your DJ on all aspects of your reception plan­ning. Remember an experienced DJ has seen many receptions and knows first hand what works well.

Of course you don't want any problems on your wedding day, so be certain that your DJ has a comprehensive plan for emergencies including back-up equipment and a back-up DJ in the event your DJ is ill. Also, the DJ company you select should be fully insured and licensed.

Make certain that the DJ company you select provides a written agreement outlining all of the important details including what the DJ will provide, the date, time, place, price and when the pay­ment is due.

Lastly, it is important to spend as much time choosing your DJ service as you spend with all other aspects of your reception. Not all DJs are the same. The effect that the entertainment will have on your reception is enormous, and the benefits of finding the perfect DJ are well worth the effort.

Information for this article was provided by Matthew Williams, president of TKO Disc Jockeys.

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